Five ready-to-use news release templates

What kind of news are you sharing today?

“The traditional press release is old fashioned. Your company has much more news than just what you would put in a press release. To get continued exposure you must write continuously„ Stefan Fountain, newsworthiness aficionado

Some types of news tend to resonate more easily with certain audiences. Using a widely-known structure, you increase the chances of getting your message across.

Here are 5 templates for different types of news. Each one comes with a nice example. You can use and tweak them as much as you want. Sometimes, inspiration could use some help!

1. Product launch

Use this template to outline your product launch in a proven format that explains your product's benefits.

Example: Bigmother launches new device in order to allow moms to monitor the way their sons drive

There will be more elements specific to your industry but the following list will provide you with a good start to outline your product launch.

  • Header. Very important as this will be used as your main eye-catcher. Spending extra time on getting this right will pay off. Explain the benefit of using your product.
  • Social pitch. Summarize your story in 140 characters and suggest which hashtags to use. Provide your readers with a sentence they want to tweet.
  • Summary. Provide a longer paragraph that explains in more detail what your product does and how it works. Provide one or more examples of how this will work in practice.
  • Visuals. Be sure to make it easy to get high res images and video for your product so they can easily be reused.

Finish your release by adding extra information like pricing, availability, technical specifications, industry information and any other details.

2. Top 5 list

A list based template that you can use to promote your product or service.

Example: 5 best all-in-one computers

This format can be used for almost any kind of content. With just a little creativity on your part it can provide a great way to showcase or highlight your product, brand or service. It provides an easy way for your audience to scan the list of items you write about. 

Examples of how you could use this:

  • Your products. List your products or services and explain how they differ and when they should be used.
  • The most popular ways to solve the problems your product solves. Put your product in context by showcasing the way it is used.
  • The people that are using your products or services. Highlight successful use cases of your product.
  • The most creative ways in which your product or service has been used.
  • The resources you use to do your work.

The key here is to come across as an expert in your industry so that others will look to you for guidance. Some tips while writing:

  • Write the truth. You will lose credibility if you are only positive about your own products and only negative about others' products.
  • Use visuals - give each item one or more quality images or videos.
  • Be consistent with your list items. Don't compare apples to oranges.

3. Company news

Short update about your company to keep those close to the company in the loop.

Example: TNW brings in two heavyweights ahead of ambitious productivity plans

Whether you are a just starting and a small team or a larger organization there is usually something interesting to write about. Don't limit your public relations to official formal press releases. 

Examples of lighter weight news updates you could write are:

  1. New employees. Key hires or other team changes will have a big impact on your company. It's nice to introduce new people properly and give everyone a heads up about new hires.
  2. New office space. Ok, true - this doesn't happen that often - but when it does it is a brilliant way to get in contact with long standing company relations.
  3. A new coffee machine. An example of reaching out with something that relates to your company culture. You just bought the same 1961 coffee machine that Jony Ive has? Write about it.
  4. Upcoming events you are sponsoring or attending. Let your clients, employees or other stakeholders know about an event you are going to.

Of course there are many more examples but this can give you a head start. Keep these tips in mind when writing:

  • Keep it short. Write something that is quick to consume.
  • Make it interesting. Don't just write for the sake of writing. You can and should find something you know will be interesting for your audience.
  • Make it visual. Create an image or add a team members' photo. Anything that adds a relevant visual element to your update.

4. Opinion piece

Providing insight into your industry is a fantastic way to build brand recognition, establish your brand as a credible expert, and drive traffic.

Example: Apple will buy Tesla in 18 months (prediction)

The following steps can help in getting started quickly:

  1. Choose an audience - decide who you are writing this for.
  2. Choose one main point - try to stick to just one.
  3. Create the outline of arguments to support this.
  4. Flesh it out, find and add other supporting content - like images or video.

Some more writing tips to review once you've gotten started:

  • Relevant: Explain why your post is interesting.
  • Well written: Use a great metaphor, or tell a compelling story.
  • Catchy: Spend most of your time to come up with a good headline.

5. Research report

When you want to present data from a research report. Use graphs and charts to show key trends in your industry.

Example: Cupid in your network

Research findings can be used to generate exposure for your company in settings that range from very formal to fairly informal. Some ideas:

  • Academic research paper. This can be presented by grabbing the key findings and presenting them for a more general audience.
  • Study from your users' data. Informal data such as trends in behavior mined from your internal data stores can be an interesting piece.
  • Reusing a public study. When you find a study related to your industry and you can use those findings in an interesting way and apply it to your specific situation.

Whatever your angle is, keep in mind to make a clear point, that is wrapped in a compelling story. Use strong visuals such as charts and graphs and always spend an extra 10 minutes on a better headline.

Bonus. Blank...

Create your news from scratch.

Risky, bold, daring - you are.

Using an empty template for your news release. You like the freedom of being able to do anything you want. The sky is the limit - anything goes.

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