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Introducing pr.co, more than just great newsrooms

pr.co offers fast-growing brands everything they need to deliver their stories to the world. Their beautifully branded newsrooms, software, and expertise make life easier for everyone, including journalists.

Amsterdam - November 2022 - pr.co is a fully remote SaaS company which provides online newsrooms, PR software and expertise to PR teams. Their aim is to make life easier for everyone, including journalists, by providing brands with a beautiful platform where they can publish and share news, stories, events and company milestones in one place.

Founded in 2013, pr.co began as an offshoot of technology magazine TNW and grew steadily over the following years. In 2020 they became fully remote and their team is now spread across two continents from where they help over 300 customers, developing and maintaining a full suite of software solutions for PR professionals. Their core products are their beautiful, feature-rich online newsrooms. pr.co customers have access to a growing network of PR experts and agencies, enabling them to grow faster and achieve better results from their PR strategies. 

A good online newsroom makes it possible for organizations to be more open and honest with the world, creating more trustworthy and transparent brands. We even see them become more socially conscious as they can be held to account by journalists, stakeholders and customers. Jeroen Bos, CEO of pr.co
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When PR efforts grow, and companies are suddenly active in multiple markets all speaking  different languages, PR teams can feel like their responsibilities have spun out of control. This is where pr.co’s software solutions step in to smooth out a complex, international editorial workflow. The collaborative platform frees up time to focus on making real connections with journalists and the human relationships that are at the heart of PR. Although relationships can take a while to build, pr.co’s newsrooms do not. In fact, they launch newsrooms within two weeks. Working with some of the world’s most recognizable and demanding brands, they trust pr.co to equip them with the tools they need, when they need it, to rise above the noise.


A well-built newsroom also helps brands with the growing trend of inbound PR where companies pull relevant journalists and stakeholders towards them, instead of pushing messages to large, less-targeted audiences. When someone researches an organization’s backstory or a certain topic in general, the newsroom will provide a one-stop shop for all the relevant information they need to start writing. If journalists want to dive deeper still, they know exactly who to reach out to, because the right spokesperson is easy to find and contact.

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pr.co customers chose their platform for a wide range of reasons but they all have the same goal in mind; to increase the chance of their news getting covered. pr.co’s newsrooms help them to do this in three main ways.


1. Strengthening relationships by:

  • Building trust with journalists, investors, customers and other stakeholders
  • Expanding their press network


2. Increasing brand awareness by: 

  • Sharing memorable, authentic news
  • Ensuring brand consistency in all markets


3. Improving internal PR processes by:

  • Streamlining editorial workflow
  • Increasing workflow transparency and accountability

Customers that use pr.co include some of the world’s biggest brands across all industries such as Shimano, WeTransfer, JustEat Takeaway.com, Lynk & Co, Canyon, Ace & Tate, and Dolby. Besides working with brands like these, pr.co has an NGO program where they support good causes with access to all their services at a 90% discount. Doctors without Borders and the Invictus Games Foundation are two of many NGOs that benefit from this program.

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  • Inbound PR - Findability is key to inbound PR. That’s why pr.co ensures that every newsroom is fully search engine optimized, making your news and your brand easy to find. You’ll rank number 1 on google search under brand name and newsroom and when hosting the newsroom on your domain, it improves the domain authority as well.
  • Localized PR - pr.co makes it easy for brands to tailor their news to each market, keeping local stakeholders and journalists switched on. Local teams, translators, and agencies can be granted access to manage campaigns as required, and the in-app workflow shows everyone who is responsible for what and when.
  • Collaboration software - Based in multiple time zones, the pr.co team understands the importance of collaboration software, pr.co’s platform is designed to improve the workflow transparency and efficiency of complex, multi-team PR processes. Comms teams can finally say goodbye to long email threads and hello to in-app amendments and sign off.
  • Simplified embargoes - easily put an embargo on press releases and set automatic reminders for journalists once the embargo is lifted.
  • Media kits - brands can bundle press assets together by theme and password protect them where necessary - keeping new product designs away from the wrong eyes.
  • Premium service and onboarding - pr.co’s experts will design, build, implement and continuously maintain the entire newsroom, completely offloading brands’ already overloaded IT teams. Every customer receives personalized service to ensure that brands get everything they need to get the most out of their newsroom without being oversold solutions.

In addition to newsrooms they also help with branded online events and make it easy to reach out to the right people: 

  • Virtual Events - allowing brands to host events from their newsroom, drawing traffic towards their website (rather than YouTube’s) for a fully branded experience. 
  • CRM - designed to recognise the person behind the screen, pr.co’s CRM ensures that journalists receive pitches tailored personally to them. Journalists can subscribe to receive the news they’re most interested in, on their own terms. For brands struggling to build their contacts, pr.co will even research and build the perfect list of key industry journalists.



Find out more about pr.co’s solutions

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Dutch version of the press release here

About PR.co

PR.co builds (corporate) websites and software for the world's fastest-growing companies, including Just Eat Takeaway, WeTransfer, Remote, Dolby, and Polaroid. PR.co takes the spin out of public relations by equipping organizations with the right software, knowledge and partners to communicate transparently and build relationships based on trust, as consumers increasingly expect companies to operate ethically.

With PR.co's websites, journalists, customers, investors and other stakeholders get an in-depth view of an organization's mission, values, actions and developments. The PR.co platform helps organizations publish news, manage their international PR strategy, manage their contacts, do outreach and stream events online. In addition to technical support, PR.co customers get invaluable content support through one-on-one consultations and master classes from PR experts.

PR.co has donated their services to dozens of NGOs, including the Dutch National Food Bank Organization, the Dutch Council for Refugees, and ReNature.

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