fully operational and offering some services for free during the COVID-19 crisis

When we started making a product that could be used in crisis communications, we had no idea we were about to face the biggest crisis in a generation. For the last week our system has been aglow with thousands of press releases from companies across the globe outlining their response to COVID-19. Communication with the outside world is crucial now more than ever.

Here are some important things to know about during the crisis:

We are fully operational

We are witnessing the largest working from home experiment in history. At, we have always had the option of working remotely, so we had the guidelines and tools in place to ensure a smooth transition. But we are mindful of the fact that most companies will experience some teething problems. We ask companies to reach out if they need help in any capacity and continue to offer customer support via email, phone, live chat, as well as our usual services such as product development or account management.

We are offering ‘Collaborate’ for free to existing customers

Inter-team communication will also be key in the coming months. If it weren’t for collaboration tools like Slack, Tandem, and Zoom, we at would not be able to keep building newsrooms. In order to help our customers smoothen out the transition to remote working, we're offering our collaboration features for free to all customers from today onwards. 

We are offering our services for free to NGOs

NGOs (and business) have a role in providing information, reassurance, and guidance during crisis. Which is why we want to help them to offer that as best we can, particularly those initiatives working on COVID-19. We continue our existing program of offering our services for free to NGOs, please reach out if you are an organisation in need of a newsroom or software. 

We encourage companies experiencing difficulty to reach out

If you are struggling in any other way, even if it is not related to directly, please reach out, we want be as helpful as possible to our community during this time. We acknowledge that this is a time of economic and social uncertainty; so if your company is experiencing difficulty, we may be able to come up with solutions together.

About builds (corporate) websites and software for the world's fastest-growing companies, including Just Eat Takeaway, WeTransfer, Remote, Dolby, and Polaroid. takes the spin out of public relations by equipping organizations with the right software, knowledge and partners to communicate transparently and build relationships based on trust, as consumers increasingly expect companies to operate ethically.

With's websites, journalists, customers, investors and other stakeholders get an in-depth view of an organization's mission, values, actions and developments. The platform helps organizations publish news, manage their international PR strategy, manage their contacts, do outreach and stream events online. In addition to technical support, customers get invaluable content support through one-on-one consultations and master classes from PR experts. has donated their services to dozens of NGOs, including the Dutch National Food Bank Organization, the Dutch Council for Refugees, and ReNature.

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