PressDoc introduces 'Press Release 2.0'

A new kind of press release for a new kind of journalist.

With the rise of blogs and social media the media landscape is changing rapidly. It's not just the traditional journalists anymore that cover the news. It's bloggers, Facebookers, 'Tweeps' and all the other social media users that decide what news will be distributed across their personal networks. These new journalists demand a new kind of press release optimized for the web, enriched with media and easy to share. PressDoc offers a service for businesses to do just that.
The traditional format of page-long text inside a PDF doesn't cut it anymore in this day and age. For a company's news to spread across the social web it needs to be easy to skim, very easy to share, if possible include multimedia such as images/videos, and up-to-date contextual information to the last minute. All things the traditional press release generally isn't capable of.

Today, after a couple of months of private beta testing with companies such as 123people, HeinzSelexyz, Multiscope and The Next Web, PressDoc opens its doors to the public. Now, every company, big and small, will be able to write, edit and publish a press release that will find its way onto the web and increases the likelihood for bloggers to cover their announcements.

  • Optimized for sharing via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Enrich your press release with images, videos and documents.
  • Scheduled distribution; set a date and time and it will be published automatically.
  • Detailed analytics on who's reading your release and what they are saying about it.
  • A very easy-to-use interface.
  • All your press releases in one place with PressRooms.
  • Integrate a basic version of the PressRoom into your site. 
  • Very helpful founders which will assist you with any questions you might have ;)

Every company will get a free online PressRoom listing all their PressDocs. User can created multiple PressRooms for their different companies. A great way for PR agencies to create a separate PressRoom for every client!

Shared PressRooms
In the near future it will even be possible to create a shared PressRooms which makes it possible for e.g. events to invite companies to publish their PressDocs within their shared PressRoom which will then be communicated to the media. The Next Web Conference PressRoom is an example of such a PressRoom.

Signing up for PressDoc is free, there are no monthly costs. You only pay for what you use, and therefore you only pay € 10 for every published PressDoc.

Launches today, sign up now!
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"If you're looking for a truly elegant solution to getting the word out there, you'd be hard 'pressed' finding a better option." Zee M. Kane, Editor in Chief at The Next Web Blog
"In the 5 years that we're running leading technology events in Europe we never found the time to properly organize a pressroom, this year it took me exactly 5 minutes. All news behind one URL, easy for journalists and bloggers, good for the companies that are bringing the news at the event. Thank you PressDoc!" Patrick de Laive, Initiator at The Next Web Conference
"If businesses want the attention of social media users, they have to play by the rules of social media. This is what [PressDoc] delivers." Marc Köhlbrugge, Founder & Designer PressDoc
"I'm not just very proud to hear our customers like the concept and execution of PressDoc, but I'm thrilled this new press release format does indeed help those companies to spread their messages in a way that's pleasant for journalists as well. It's a win-win-win scenario." Stefan Borsje, Founder & Developer PressDoc
"We just created our #pressdoc room! Its a very good service and great idea!" @UnderplotApps, Internet Start-up
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