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pr.co gives organizations a podium to share their news, journey, and milestones with the world. Through beautifully designed online newsrooms, intuitive PR software, and the guidance of industry experts, pr.co customers generate more press coverage and build trust with journalists, investors, customers and other stakeholders. pr.co powers the newsrooms of fast-growing and industry-challenging brands, including Dolby, WeTransfer, Wise, Polaroid, and Lynk & co


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Introducing pr.co, more than just great newsrooms

pr.co offers fast-growing brands everything they need to deliver their stories to the world. Their beautifully branded newsrooms, software, and expertise make life easier for everyone, including jo...

pr.co presents Virtual Events, your new venue for hosting online events and press conferences

pr.co, now offers its customers the ability to host virtual events directly from their beautifully branded online newsrooms. Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

pr.co donating newsrooms to 25+ NGOs

Starting today, pr.co will offer newsrooms, software, and all services free of charge to NGOs. Let these organizations spend money on positive change, not software.

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