Presslist update

No more duplicates, segments and more

Last weekend we have made some changes to the presslist system. From now on all your contacts will belong to one presslist. This way you will have one place to find all your contacts, manage user access, and handle blocked contacts. 

Organising your contacts can be done though segments and are collections of contacts in your presslist. You can easily create, edit or remove segments since they're just a sub-group of your presslist, this makes them appropriate for both one-time and long-term use.  All the presslists that you have create before the update are now segments of your presslist, you can find them under the "Segments" tab.

Export contacts
Exporting your contacts became a lot easier too. Each segment now features an "Export contacts" tab so you can make an export of specific lists of contacts. #protip: if you'd like to export a collection of contacts that is not yet a segment, just create a segment for it, make an export and remove the segment when you're done!

With this update we have also finally dealt with the duplicate contacts issues. Because we removed duplicate contacts, it could happen that your total amount of contacts was changed. Besides that we also made some useful improvements to the interface, turning the presslist section more into a CRM system.

Do you experience any problems with your presslist, segments, contacts or distribution? Let me know:!!

“Next to the improved contact management we have also finally dealt with the duplicate contacts issues„ Nick Dowse (duplicate contact hater)
“This update is the first step towards a more advanced and streamlined CRM tool„ Jeroen Bos (fan of CRM functionalities)
Download PDF
Download PDF
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