Product News: a brand new user interface and navigation.

The platform is ready for the future with an all-new look and feel.

TL;DR - Today presents their new and improved platform. Both the user interface, as well as the navigation have been completely rethought, redesigned and rebuilt. With this update the platform is ready for the new functionalities to be rolled-out in the coming months. Using all the latest technologies the platform feels a lot faster, is more stable and can now effortlessly grow with our rapidly growing customers worldwide.

Check out the teaser video of the update:

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With's previous real interface makeover dating back more than two years ago and the recent expansion of the product line-up it is time to bring these new products and other updates we've done over the years together in a brand new look and feel. Not only is this update about improving the user experience of the current platform, it also clears the way for more dramatic product updates that are lined-up for the remainder of 2017.

The flexibility to scale with our customers

Since started we have seen customers like VanMoof, WeTransfer and What3words transform from innovative startups into scale-ups that are rapidly taking over the world. To cater to these power users, ranging from fast-growing scale-ups to globally active corporates, we need to strengthen the foundation we're building on and up the quality-level of our product. Today's update does exactly that - we're ready to help our customers grow even faster.

From frequent user feedback sessions we've learned that when our customers grow, both the complexities of their editorial workflow as well as their need for simplicity grows. With today's update, it becomes easier for globally active organisations to switch between their brands or countries while keeping the navigation clean.

Screenshot: Switching between countries and brands.

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Removing the clutter

The platform has become a lot more complex and our customers are growing bigger every day. This resulted in more and more clutter in our previous interface and navigation. A good example was when a customer was managing a lot of Newsrooms, they would see all of the newsroom in the sidebar, while you can only work on one Newsroom at a time.

At we take User Experience and the quality of our products very seriously, with this update we continue to take the lead on both of these fronts.

Jeroen Bos (Chief Product)

These problems have now been resolved by choosing for one unified navigation. Instead of having to navigate through both horizontal as well as vertical navigation menus, all navigation elements are now visible in two vertical menus on the left-hand side. This way the navigation can expand as you make your way deeper into the application or can be just the primary vertical menu when more focus is required.

Screenshot: the primary vertical menu for Newsrooms and Contacts

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Screenshot: The secondary navigation, as you work on a Newsroom

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Screenshot: All those settings that are not needed during your daily tasks, like the user- and organizational settings, have been relocated to a non-disturbing area in the app.

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Under the hood

As mentioned earlier this update clears the way for's future plans. While aesthetics and the hierarchy of our navigation are a big part of this, it just as much about all the technical improvements that went into this update.

All of the new User Interface elements and animations are built using the latest web technologies that make the platform feel a lot faster and will make future development of a lot more stable and, again, a lot faster. A big part of this has been the use of VueJS and an extensive UI Library that we have built in-house.

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Or, if you prefer a personal touch, we'd love to show you the new and improved tool during a personal demo:

Screenshots of the new interface

An impression of what our new interface and navigation looks like, we recommend checking it out in person as you can then fully experience all the new transitions, animations and hidden menus.

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Download PDF
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