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Launch parties should be fun....

...and a little destructive.

Last week we had both.

Not that we need a reason to throw a party, but this time we had plenty.

With the launch of 4 new products (Publish, OutreachCollaborate, Global), kicking off a beta-product and releasing our book, we were happy to celebrate with our customers and the industry.

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Pr.co's new homepage: cleaner design and stronger message.

Apart from launching our products we also gave a short keynote to share our vision for the future of PR (hint: it's not dead!) and how we believe the future will be driven by a new class of tools we are calling "communication automation".

We have exciting plans for the future that we wanted to give a sneak preview of and show to the crowd where we're taking our own line of PR-tools.

Disco demolition!

The building of our TQ office also hosts the worlds smallest disco, and yes it is actually on the map (see below). This time however, it seemed like the party literally went through the ceiling. See the below post from our one and only @boris who is the gracious host of TWSD.

Apparently, the iPad fell between the wall and will be excavated in 3000 years by future archeologists and deemed an old scribe artifact.


Soon we'll have a full movie of the keynote - but we wanted to share already the sneak preview and after-movie of the party itself.

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Party shots

And the party itself? I'll let the pictures tell their own story.

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