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Speaker Call Sheet & Bio

This is a private page exclusively conference organizers and/or program managers to get a quick overview of the current and constantly updated talk by our founder & CEO Stefan Fountain.

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From purpose to action: an inspirational and practical tour of wtf is going on in communications.

This talk is a rollercoaster through heart-warming to heart-wrenching examples of how brands are embracing the power of being vulnerable and real in order to thrive.

The future of brand building revolves around purpose. The brand must contribute to society in a meaningful way or they will cease to exist. The modern consumer isn’t looking for just a product; they’re looking for a connection. They don’t need to be sold; they need to be inspired. Marketers are becoming the new rockstars, similar to how developers have been crucial to the technology revolution, they will be what drives the next purpose revolution. This talk gives a few practical examples how companies can turn purpose into action.

What you will learn:

  1. The difference between Founding or found purpose, Everyday purpose or Epic purpose
  2. What is driving purpose and how will it impact marketing and branding in the coming years.
  3. From organisation self-centered communication to evidenced-based story telling
  4. How to build and rebuild trust
  5. Practical examples of moving your organisation towards actionable purpose

Some of the slides from the keynote presentation →


I saw Stefan's talk at OnBrand in Amsterdam this year where he talked about the importance of authenticity in today's brand communications. Not only is this something we talk a lot about at Typeform, but it's completely on point for where things are today. Stefan used real-life examples, engaging visuals and story-telling techniques— all with a healthy dash of humour and emotion. He had the audience engaged throughout and inspired some good conversations afterwards. I would recommend Stefan for any conference that wants to put storytelling at the heart of actionable insight for their audience.

Sancar Sahin - VP of Marketing at TypeForm 

Personal Details

Age 36

Level of crazy 75

Allergies shitty beer


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Stefan, CEO of pr.co, is the only known startup founder to have been sued by David Hasselhoff. When he is not creating stories of his own he can be found working on his core passion: guiding brands through the minefield of authenticity culture. He does this by advocating purpose driven storytelling, while providing the practical tools to really make them sing. Stefan believes that with the right company culture, tools and communication, trust can be restored between brands' and their audiences.


A video from a previous talk that had many titles but here it goes by "I Don't Often Fail, But When I Do ...". This talk is a heart-felt journey through the hardships of running a startup and how to stay sane!


Company description

Pr.co is a single-platform tool that automates PR for global brands and their agencies. We currently serve 284 companies and help them nurture lasting relationships with journalists through branded storytelling and easy-to-use tooling. We eliminate 90% of repetitive tasks so that your pr-team can focus on what they are good at: telling compelling stories that will get them more exposure.

With our research automation, collaboration tools and insightful reporting, we've proudly watched some awesome brands nail their PR.

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What I believe in

I believe every organization is valuable, always. Otherwise it should (and eventually will) cease to exist. Unfortunately most companies lose sight of their raison-d'être, their purpose, and start to dwindle. If each company better communicated their purpose - they'd have far greater impact.

My mission

To help PR professionals and communication teams get rid of excel-hell, word-curd, attachment-detachment: we are in dire need of a liberation from daft Office inefficiency. We help teams communicate better with far fewer headaches. Our tool helps companies create branded newsrooms, easily publish press releases and gives them a powerful way to distribute emails and measure results.


Communication Strategies, PR Tooling, Jobs To Be Done, Interaction Design, Growth Hacking, Marketing Messaging and General Monkey Business.


Contact details

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About pr.co

pr.co equips communication teams around the globe with the right tools to get their story told. Build newsrooms, write and edit news, publish press kits, manage contacts, pitch the media, and get automatically generated reports - in one tool. No matter whether you're a one-person show, or a globally active corporate; we've got your back.