Speaker Call Sheet - BIO

Stefan Fountain, CEO of pr.co

Age 36

Level of crazy 85

Allergies shitty beer

Hi-Res Headshots


Stefan is the only known startup founder to have been successfully sued by David Hasselhoff. He previously founded Soocial (acquired in 2011) and Eight Media (IxD agency, sold in 2007). As founder of pr.co he is now hellbent on his mission is to restore trust between the public and the corporate world.

Company discription

pr.co automates and fixes PR for global brands and their agencies. We currently serve 280 companies with our branded storytelling, research automation, and collaboration tools across geographies, media channels, and company functions. We save 90% of repetitive tasks so that your pr-team can focus on telling better stories that will get more exposure.

What I believe in

I believe every organization is valuable, always. Otherwise it should (and eventually will) cease to exist. Unfortunately most companies lose sight of their raison-d'être, their purpose, and start to dwindle. If each company would communicate their purpose - they'd have much more impact.

My mission

To help PR professionals and communication teams get rid of excel-hell, word-turd and attachment-detachment. And believe me... a liberation from Office daftness is needed. We help teams communicate better with much much less headaches. Our tool helps companies create branded newsrooms, easily publish press releases and gives them a powerful way to distribute emails and measure results.


Communication Strategies, PR Tooling, Jobs To Be Done, Interaction Design, Growth Hacking, Marketing Messaging and General Monkey Business.


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Download PDF
About pr.co

pr.co equips communication teams around the globe with the right tools to get their story told. Build newsrooms, write and edit news, publish press kits, manage contacts, pitch the media, and get automatically generated reports - in one tool. No matter whether you're a one-person show, or a globally active corporate; we've got your back.