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Does PR fit in the art scene?

New headquarters, product updates and a chat with the Museum of African Design

November 10, 2016

It's always interesting to see PR in its many environments. But how exactly does PR fit into the art scene? One of's new clients this year is the Museum of African Design (MOAD), based in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. We had the chance to chat with Aaron Kohn, founding director of the museum, to gather some insight on merging PR with the art scene.

With the gargantuan task of channeling the art scene for the African continent, one can hardly stress the importance of managing a great PR strategy. Read on for a cultural breather from this historical and emotional Thursday.

Reading time: 5 minutes

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In other news

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TQ is our new HQ. You know the drill: new season, new workspace. But this time we only had to move next door. TQ is a curated tech space founded by The Next Web, in cooperation with Google for Entrepreneurs, specially for startups. With the heightened spirit of collaboration, new and better things are bound to come of it. Our new headquarters is right in the heart of Amsterdam, and it looks like we'll be staying for a while.

The Front-end Kanye has officially joined the team. Mr. Valentino is our very own musician turned web developer, ready to up-end the state of our front-end.

What we've improved for you

Faster reports and better PDFs. We updated the customised reports after every campaign so that they load a lot faster. Furthermore, we updated our auto-generated PDFs: they're now prettier and use up less paper when printed out.

No more getting lost in translation. We updated the Dutch, German and Italian translations for your Newsrooms to make them more accurate than ever.

More bugs were exterminated. We fixed a bug with our News Clippings feature, where the sharing button wouldn't work after uploading a PDF document. All fixed now!

What else we've been reading

Startups make avoidable mistakes when pitching. Kat Mañalac, partner at Y Combinator, gives 3 storytelling tips for startups: have a clear idea, use your own voice, and make sure your product is what people want.

How to get meetings with people too busy to see you. The good old coffee invitation just won't cut it when you're running after a Silicon Valley mogul, for instance. The trick: don't just ask for someone's time, offer to teach them something in return.

Tweet got out of hand? The best steps to take when handling a PR crisis are to accept responsibility, be prepared, and define a 'Crisis Communications Plan'.

Here’s to a productive month ahead! Feel free to send any feedback to

See you next month!

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