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Things to remember when you're writing under pressure

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August 9, 2016.

Time pressure gets in the way of quality writing.

And so do many other things. Here are 4 practical tips to use when you're writing under pressure. This quick read will help you decide which words to take out, how to write a catchy headline, and how to keep your reader's attention all throughout.

We're all about writing good press releases and frankly, those clicks do matter to us. Don't forget to click through below!

In other news

Cheers for the new guy! Ladies and gentlemen, we have yet another member on board. Coder by day, cocktail master by night, Manoah is a welcome addition to the team.

Pokemon Come and Go. With July came the dawn of the Pokemon era. Some wild colleagues occasionally disappeared to catch some monsters. But they're off it again now and back to the real world.

Cruising through canals. It's the season for sunny afternoons, boat rides, and beer. Here's us on one such afternoon.

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What we've improved for you

Pr.co is faster than ever. On the fateful morning of July 28, three brave product developers woke up early to upgrade our website infrastructure. Good job team!

Access your revision history. Now you never have to lose any data while writing your campaign. It's all saved in your revision history.

New search feature! You can now search for enterprise customers in newsrooms.

What else we've been reading

Stealing is okay. Especially when looking for inspiration. If you only steal things that speak to your soul, then your theft becomes authentic. Do you agree?

Talking is lying. Because language is a limited and insufficient resource to describe reality. Many of the words we use are little lies of language, especially when describing groups of people.

The curse of knowledge. Once we know something—say, the melody of a song—we find it hard to imagine not knowing it. Our knowledge has “cursed” us, making it hard to communicate what we know to others. This translates to the workplace, where only concrete words and stories can undo the curse.

Here’s to a productive month ahead! Feel free to send any feedback to hello@pr.co.

See you next month!

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