So we built a time machine

Tasting the future is key to the success of any business, in fact it is the greatest competitive advantage you can have. Thus we built a time machine.

Any business would like to be able to travel into the future and see what decisions will be the most successful. The same goes for communications and PR strategies where it's important to be able to see where you should focus your energies. Awareness of time will keep you focussed on how to spend it. 

That's exactly what we try to help companies achieve. 

So we built a TARDIS.

(Time and Relative Dimension in Space)

Then we hired a Timelord and used the time machine to create an experience where you travel through time to chat with future you.

“What happens inside the TARDIS, stays in the TARDIS.„ The Doctor

We can't tell you too much about what happened -- because it might influence the timeline and break future history -- but it involved giving people a taste of whatever it was that they needed more of in life.

The responses were great.

Time travellers that entered the TARDIS came out refreshed, renewed, and ready to face their work missions head-on and with fresh energy.

“This is the most important experience I've ever had at a conference. In fact this is so important this should be at every tech conference in the world. Please make it happen.„ Alex, Conference attendee

Humming away in our office

The TARDIS has shown up in the corner of our office now and is humming away pretty contently, it seems to be staying there for now. If you ever visit our office please be sure have a go and see if you can travel through time to have that all important conversation with future you.

Open sourcing our TARDIS design

We are considering open sourcing the designs, but only if we can find a way to make sure this powerful technology does not fall into the wrong hands.

Building the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). 

Please contact us if you want to build your own time machine and we will consider open sourcing our designs and all of the details of our building process.

Above all, it was great fun!

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Download PDF
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