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Just like a Pirate is different and rebellious, does edgy privateering stuff, and always fighting the status quo set by traditional powers, we think PR needs that same spirit - and go back to fighting for a cause. That's why we are we are launching a Pirate Manifesto for PR. It's a call to arms for all communications professionals to join us and declare a war on the empty message.

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Why a Pirate Manifesto?

Every company has a reason to exist, rooted in what it offers the world. That value is what communication should be about. We believe effective communication comes from understanding your company's purpose. It’s about knowing how you would like your brand to be perceived in the future. Once you know that your communication and pr activities can have tremendous impact. Then it’s about executing towards that goal, but knowing where you are heading will make your communication tasks much more effective.

That is why we believe PR needs a shift away from empty messaging and should go back to communicating from a mission, a purpose, from the value that companies provide and why they exist in the first place.

For who is this?

The Pirate Manifesto is aimed at all communication and PR professionals as well as startup founders and entrepreneurs that are tired of spin and bullshit messaging. 

The world is changing

The way people listen has changed for good. It's time to adapt your communication to make your message heard through the noise.

The relationship between people and companies has changed substantially. Consumers have increasing expectations about quality and shorter attention spans. Which makes it harder than ever for companies to get attention in the first place, let alone build meaningful relationships.

  1. PEOPLE ARE DEMANDING TRANSPARENCYCustomers are demanding honest and clear communication about your products and services. If things are unclear or fuzzy, they will simply stop paying attention. It's key to define and communicate your company purpose. If your message is not consistent and clear – or worse, dishonest - they will move on and find a competitor.
  2. PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOUR PURPOSEEven if your competitors can create an instant copy of your product in the 24/7 digitalized economy, they can't copy the culture, brand and purpose that back up your brand. That's why it's so crucial to sell the broader idea behind the company and its impact. Whether it's practical regarding ecological footprints, or your how company views its place in society – it all matters.
  3. PEOPLE WANT A BETTER EXPERIENCEPeople are getting used to seeing richer content. The threshold of what’s interesting has been upped to include multimedia. To retain shortening attention spans, designers and writers have enriched flat text with images, videos, graphs and infographics. And viral campaigns thrive on shareability, which in turn thrives on rich interesting content.
  4. PEOPLE RESPOND TO RELEVANT CONTENTPeople have gotten so used to being bombed with information, they will often only react to content that’s specific to the context in which they see it. Different media will lend itself to different types of messages. Relevancy of your message changes based on the location of the reader, device capabilities, referral channels, time of day and how well your audience knows you. Sending out personalized context-specific messages can have a profound impact on your communication effectiveness.
  5. EVERYTHING CAN BE MEASUREDTracking customer behavior makes it possible to laser-target your communication. The right data helps you optimize how you use traditional marketing channels. It’ll open up more and new ways to reach audiences with custom messages. The trick is to use the larger set of tools to engage your desired audience with your campaigns. 

The changing dynamics above require a new approach to communciation and PR. The Pirate Manifesto launched today outlines a Code of Conduct that will help companies and organizations go back to their purpose and reach a resonance with their audience.

Join us and sign the Pirate Manifesto for PR:

Read our manifesto and sign the code of conduct at the bottom!

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