x VanMoof: Tailor-made newsrooms for a growing brand

Three years ago, Dutch bike brand VanMoof and started a collaboration which not only inspired us to create beautifully customized newsrooms, but also gave us valuable lessons into customer behavior, branding, and SEO.

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Exactly three years ago, we launched our first newsroom for VanMoof. Now, we introduce its latest, more customized than ever version that we could not be prouder of.

Founded in 2009, VanMoof has repeatedly shaken up the international bike industry with rapid innovations and unconventional solutions. VanMoof has brand stores in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Taipei, and Tokyo. Their global presence is emphasized on their brand new media section and newsroom, which encompasses six different countries: The Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States, Japan, France, and Germany.

Since the beginning of our relationship with VanMoof, we saw their great accomplishments in revolutionizing the bike industry, establishing their brand globally, and having their products showcased in worldwide media. VanMoof's constant press image requests received via direct contact created the demand for a media section that stands out and directs journalists to a curated set of images and media clippings.

“VanMoof is a design-centric brand, everything they produce looks and works top-notch. For me it was clear, I wanted the newsroom to be another memorable brand experience. By making it a very visual newsroom, with product photography taking center stage, the goal was achieved. The newsroom moves people.”

Padraig McKee, Head of Design at

The shaping of the VanMoof newsroom was a continuous dialogue between the crew and the VanMoof's web team, which provided us with valuable user behavior insights over the years. Why was that such an important factor for us? The answer is simple - from that, we were able to make key decisions in placing the right content and visuals in their newsroom, making it both as appealing and easily accessible as possible to the media and customers. The outcome of this strategy surpassed our expectations and gave us new insights into how can boost a company's SEO.

Our long-standing collaboration with VanMoof has enabled us to discover yet more ways to effectively tell a brand's story and adapt their newsroom to an ever-changing media and public relations industry. VanMoof's future mission is to get the next billion on bikes - and we couldn't be more excited to help VanMoof getting there.

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