Titleist expands its newsroom to Australia & New Zealand

Titleist’s history dates back to 1930, after skilled golfer Phil Young lost a match. Convinced that his missed putt had to do with a flawed golf ball, he and his golfing partner x-rayed the ball - confirming his theory that the ball’s core was off-centre.

From that day onwards, Phil Young’s purpose became to manufacture the highest quality golf balls in the market. Teaming up with rubber expert and golf enthusiast Fred Bommer, they went on to found Titleist, a brand deeply committed to honoring golf’s traditions, while also bringing the latest technology to the sport through its revolutionary products.

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In order to tell Titleist’s story and showcase their cutting-edge product releases, we at pr.co developed a custom layout for the brand. In November 2018, we delivered the first Titleist Media Center to their US-based Communications team. 

2020 brought another milestone to our collaboration with Titleist: a Media Center specially created for Australia and New Zealand, allowing the content to be tailored to better serve the region’s market and press. With press releases categorized into Golf Balls, Golf Clubs, and Golf Gear sections, the Titleist Media Center is an user-friendly, one-stop-shop for golf enthusiasts and journalists who wish to keep up with the brand’s latest products.

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Meanwhile, the Photos & Videos section ensures to provide beautiful product shots and illustrations to compliment the releases, giving the public a 360 overview of Titleist’s most recent contributions to the golfing world.

Take a look at the newsroom below:

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