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This is a private page exclusively conference organizers and/or program managers to get a quick overview of the current and constantly updated talk by our founder & CEO Stefan Fountain.

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A practical guide to building owned channels that increase your brand's reach.

With paid and social channels underperforming, brands are now creating their own channels. In their mission to form the discussion not just participating, category leaders are publishing their own thought leadership magazines, and exploring new boundaries of content creation. They’re not just pushing their own brand’s thoughts, but by trying to improve the perception of their entire industry.

Done correctly companies are demonstrating their credibility and thereby generating trust with their audience and the media. In this talk Stefan will show the broad outline of the shift and give practical examples what the leading brands are doing and the effect of these efforts.

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OnBrand Amsterdam 2018 - 11 October 2018 - Image copyright Dan Taylor - dan@dantaylorphotography.com-202.jpg
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I saw Stefan's talk at OnBrand in Amsterdam this year where he talked about the importance of authenticity in today's brand communications. Not only is this something we talk a lot about at Typeform, but it's completely on point for where things are today. Stefan used real-life examples, engaging visuals and story-telling techniques— all with a healthy dash of humour and emotion. He had the audience engaged throughout and inspired some good conversations afterwards. I would recommend Stefan for any conference that wants to put storytelling at the heart of actionable insight for their audience. Sancar Sahin - VP of Marketing at TypeForm 

Personal Details

Age 36

Level of crazy 75

Allergies shitty beer


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Stefan, CEO of pr.co, is the only known startup founder to have been sued by David Hasselhoff. When he is not creating stories of his own he can be found working on his core passion: guiding brands through the minefield of authenticity culture. He does this by advocating purpose driven storytelling, while providing the practical tools to really make them sing. Stefan believes that with the right company culture, tools and communication, trust can be restored between brands' and their audiences.


A video from a previous talk that had many titles but here it goes by "I Don't Often Fail, But When I Do ...". This talk is a heart-felt journey through the hardships of running a startup and how to stay sane!

Stefan Fountain (PR.co) - I Don't Often Fail, But When I Do ...

Company description

We provide software and newsrooms for communication teams to increase a brand’s reach, by increasing awareness and improving brand perception.We do this by helping brands be more findable and credible so that the media will love working with you. Our public facing websites and pr software powers the communication strategy for the worlds leading brands.

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Stefan Fountain - CEO pr.co
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What I believe in

I believe that building a distinctive brand with personality is necessary to become an industry leader. To do this, your brand needs a clear home to write your own story and be in the midst of your industry’s conversation. That's why we go the extra mile for our customers; making sure they have the right tooling to communicate their message and the strong media relationships to deliver it effectively.

Public relations is a fascinating discipline and we see that industry leaders are using it as a main competitive advantage. Category leaders are shaping a new style of transparency, openness and authenticity. We hope to help brands achieve this through our world-class designs and specialised PR-software. Stefan Fountain


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About PR.co

PR.co builds (corporate) websites and software for the world's fastest-growing companies, including Just Eat Takeaway, WeTransfer, Remote, Dolby, and Polaroid. PR.co takes the spin out of public relations by equipping organizations with the right software, knowledge and partners to communicate transparently and build relationships based on trust, as consumers increasingly expect companies to operate ethically.

With PR.co's websites, journalists, customers, investors and other stakeholders get an in-depth view of an organization's mission, values, actions and developments. The PR.co platform helps organizations publish news, manage their international PR strategy, manage their contacts, do outreach and stream events online. In addition to technical support, PR.co customers get invaluable content support through one-on-one consultations and master classes from PR experts.

PR.co has donated their services to dozens of NGOs, including the Dutch National Food Bank Organization, the Dutch Council for Refugees, and ReNature.

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