New drip campaigns

Set up ‘high-value’ drip campaigns in Intercom, first of all for the trials but also for all users after that.

First campaign will be a ‘ 101’ campaign where we learn and introduce people to as a product but also to how we look at PR and what we recommend in terms of ways to approach PR. These should be really valuable for people learning how to professionalise their PR.

Then we can do various campaigns about and PR and maybe even mix them up. One of those campaigns could be “ #protip” with cool features or “ research lab” about what we’ve learned from our data or “The state of pr” which would be more about opinion pieces on where the industry is going.

For each campaign we could have a separate pressroom we fill with the content of these campaign emails.

If we send these emails every other week we could easily have a consistent communication flow for our users for at least half a year or a full year. Also this way we can re-use the content we write instead of sending them to our current set of users once.

email layout:

a/b testing with pr.layout vs. regular email

  • add pictures
  • repeat subject in h2 title at the beginning
  • repeat cta: button + link
101 first draft:
  1. newsroom
  2. release
  3. build list
  4. distance
  5. results

    open questions:
how to organise by topic? 101, opinion, pro tips...
who are the slipaways and what to tell them?
who else could be a testimonial?

1. Set up your newsroom - PR.101 1/7

Free trial - Day 1

Set up your newsroom


Welcome! I am Lorenzo and I'm here to help you get started. You can use to create your newsroom, publish your news, and pitch your contacts with personalised emails.

First off, you'll need to make your newsroom look good. Are you ready?

Button Set up your newsroom*/pressrooms

Link Read more about setting up your newsroom

Link Not sure where to start with your PR? Read our PR manifesto

I hope you like using as much as we do building it. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. Thank you!

2. Publish your news - PR.101 2/7

Free trial - Day 2

[IF has_pressdoc is false] // CHECK!!! >> otherwise, 

Publish your news 


Time to publish your first release! 

What's your story? Start with the news. Stick to the facts.

(PIC of newsroom overview with arrow towards new release)

Button Publish your news*/pressrooms

Link Read more about publishing your news

Link Not sure what news you have? Check out our templates!

Got feedback or questions? Hit 'Reply'.

3. Build you audience - PR.101 3/7

Free trial - Day 4

Build your audience

Should everyone know about your company's news?


Just the people who are relevant to your business. Journalists and bloggers whose audience you want to get in touch. Influencers in your market. People who can help you, and whom you can help. No one can build your list better than you.

You can start with 5 people now.

Button Upload your contacts*/presslists

Link Read more about building your audience

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

4. Share your news - PR.101 4/7

Free trial - Day 5

Share your news

Who's going to read your news? 

Your audience, of course. 

Share your news with your contacts and make your email as personal as possible. 

Tease them with your subject line. Show why it's relevant to them in the first paragraph. Leave them with a clear call-to-action.

(PIC show how to start campaign)

Button Start your campaign*/pressrooms

Link Read more about sharing your news

If you have any questions, just reply to this email. Thanks!

5. Measure, improve, repeat - PR.101 5/7

Free trial - Day 7

Check your results

Once your emails are sent, it's time to see what worked well and what didn't. You can check everything about your release and your emails. How many views your release got. How many people opened your email. Who replied, and so on.

(PIC show the report button)

Button Check your results*/pressrooms

Read more about reports

Questions? I'm happy to help!

6. Launch your product - PR.101 6/7

Free trial - Day 8

How to launch your product

When startups are about to launch a new product or service, they need to figure out how to get maximum exposure and coverage. We’re going to dive into the process of effectively writing and sending out your news release.

The following approach has worked pretty well for him and has resulted in media coverage from TechCrunch, Forbes, Fast Company and many others.

Button Read the use case

Publish your news in your newsroom*/pressrooms

Let me know if you like it ;)

7. Do-It-Yourself PR, a comprehensive guide - PR.101 7/7

Free trial - Day 9

PR DIY - a comprehensive guide

Not sure where to start to run communications and PR for your company? Let these PR and Social Media experts guide you step by step! 

Are you ready for PR? How do you establish your authority in a specific niche? How do you pitch people you don't know?

Button Read the guide

Sign in to your newsroom

Learn more about getting press DIY

Keen to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks!

8,9,10. Conversion emails

Day 11 - 13 - 20

See intercom

+ Add email IF you have seen value already I-ll give you a discount if you upgrade now

11. When releases get the most views (Infographic) -

Day 28

News releases: when should you publish them?

We analysed the press releases published over the last few years and found some statistics that will be helpful — all gathered in infographic form.

When do releases get the most views? Are distribution lists affecting email open rates? How important is customization?

Button Check the infographic

Sign in to your newsroom

Read more about the infographic

Is this helpful for you? Thanks!

12. PR campaign use case  -

Day 42

How can you leverage your own strengths to create a new PR campaign? Let's see a use case. The designer marketplace CrowdyHouse shows how they run their PR, from setting their goals to measuring results.

Button Read the use case

Sign in to your newsroom

Learn more about this PR use case

Do you find this useful? Thanks!

13. The Deliberate PR manifesto -

Day 56

Hi First name,

It has become increasingly difficult to stand out in the daily hubbub of articles, messages and virals. A new breed of communication is needed, one that has enough substance to make your message last and stand out over time. And PR needs to change with it.

We call the new way 'Deliberate PR'.

What is 'Deliberate PR'?

Sign in to your newsroom
Read more about the 'Deliberate PR' manifesto

Do you agree? Let us know!

International PR campaigns -

Day 70


Release templates, for you -

Day 84


Cool case study: Index? -

Day 98

Integrate your newsroom in your website -

Day 112


Embargo VS. exclusive, fight! -

Day 126

Writing tips from writers -

Day 140


Find any email address -

Day 156


Advanced Twitter tips -

Day 170


Make your content visual -

Day 184


Write subject lines that get your emails opened -

Day 198


How to pitch your audience in 10 easy steps -

Day 212


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