A new way to create press releases

Giving you the freedom to tell stories the way you like

Up until today press releases on pr.co were good looking but static, mixing images and text was not possible. Listening to our users we learned that it was time to change this. And we are happy to announce that starting today we will start testing this great new feature and you are invited to be one of the first to give it a try.

You use the new editor by selecting "Freeform release" from the "New" button dropdown on your pressroom overview page. If you do not see the option email us and request access.

With the new press release editor your are no longer forced to use the template we created for a press release. You are free and encouraged to tell the story the way you feel is best. You can easily mix text, images, videos, sounds and documents. Please see the video below for quick tour.

We hope you like is as much as we do and we love to hear your feedback. Also feel free to share whatever you create using our new press release editor.

We tested the new editor in the following browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Support for IE (10 & 11) is limited at the moment but feel free to give it a try.

Download PDF
Download PDF
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