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Say hi to PressList!

Stop using excel, your mail client or a mailing list.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | March 7th, 2013


PressList helps PressDoc users pitch press releases to media without the email hassle. You can now send personalized emails from your PressDoc account. Media contacts can be uploaded and managed in PressDoc. Teams can centralize contacts lists in their PressRoom. PressList is available as of now for users with a subscription.

At PressDoc we believe PR is about Personal Relationships. By reaching out to the press on a personal level you increase the chances to get covered. But using an email service or your email client to distribute your press release can be frustrating. If you want to send individual emails instead of bulk, 'BCC' is not the way to go, and what to do when an email bounces...?

More than half of the PressDoc users have been requesting a feature that would handle email distribution of the press release. Well, here it is. We're happy to announce PressList, a new feature designed to improve the distribution process of your press release. PressList helps you deliver personalized emails to your media contacts in a simple and fast fashion. In short PressList = Press CRM + personalized email system + stats.

How does PressList work?

With PressList, you can upload media contacts to your PressDoc account. You can import for each contact: name, email address, social media accounts, media outlet, tags and notes. The contacts' details can be edited  any time.

After scheduling or publishing a PressDoc, you can let journalists and bloggers know about it through personalized emails. You can customize every email, or use the PressList template. The targeted contacts will receive the message as send from your own email address.

PressList is a full press CRM tool which combines your current list of press contacts with action driven data (who opens your email?). It allows you to create targeted campaigns using tags to filter contacts (for example by media outlet, subject covered by journalist or client industry). The PressList can be used in teams and is searchable, allowing you to quickly identify and select the contacts you need.

The results of every email campaign can be tracked and measured in real time. PressList offers you complete stats for: delivery rate, open rate, clicks, and the rate of unsubscribes.

See the complete user guide.

PressList has been enabled for all users with a current monthly subscription.

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Some of our users complained that sending out their PressDocs via BCC emails takes too much time. We wanted to make the distribution of a PressDoc as easy as creating one, so we launched PressList. Based on the number of users we had in beta, this is going to be a popular addition to your PressRoom. Dennis van der Vliet, Lead Developer at PressDoc

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