Our transition to a remote company– one year and counting

In July 2020, we decided to cancel the lease on our Amsterdam office and transition into a fully remote company.

It has been an exciting, rewarding journey. Some colleagues moved to live closer to family— for one that’s Eindhoven, for another that’s Ecuador. Another colleague pursued a dream and now lives in a Portuguese coastal town. Over the last month, many companies asked us for advice and experience regarding our organizational transition.

Sjors, pr.co’s Commercial Director, sat down with Femke De Wild from Centralpoint to chat about what it’s like to work from Portugal and the perks and challenges of working with a fully remote team.

The podcast is in Dutch— you can listen to it here: 👉

Podcast - Voorloper Sjors Mahler

If you are a non-Dutch speakers and are curious about remote work, please don't hesitate to contact Sjors.

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