Product Update: Clipping Enrichment

From now on when you add your Clippings we'll make sure to automatically find all the relevant meta information for each article.

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In our user research we've heard many times that adding Clippings to your newsroom was too much of a tedious task as you had to fill-in all information yourself like: the title, publish date, the source of the article, etc.

Besides that you wouldn't be able to display Clippings in a consistent and visual way in your newsroom. This was because more and more websites have been shielding themselves from allowing third-parties ( to access the site and take a screenshot of the page. As well as that many of those screenshots would contain the cookie-policy pop-up that appears before you can read any articles these days.

Open Graph meta tags

To solve both of these things we've decided to instead try to automatically enrich as much as we can based on the URL you add to the system. As most publishers have thought through well how to make sure the right information is available for social media platforms while sharing the articles (Open Graph meta tags), we've decided to leverage exactly that information.

Most articles these days have these tags properly available and because of that we can automatically fetch the following info: Title, Summary, Publish date, Featured image, Author, but also some more background information on the publisher, their name, logo and website URL.

So, what do I need to do?

Adding a clipping mostly became a whole lot easier for you! All you need to do now is enter the URL linking to the article in and we'll take care of the rest 🙂 Of course you still have full control over the information and after we've enriched it you'll get the chance to double-check the information, and settings and publish the clipping in your newsroom.

How to create a clipping
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How to create a clipping

What if I want to add a screenshot or scanned-in print article?

We've got your back! Instead of entering a URL you click the 'Looking to upload a file?' link and that'll take you to a form to upload your file instead. We can't automatically enrich this page though so you'll have to fill it in the old-fashioned way here.

How to add a file
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How to add a file
Upload your file here
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Upload your file here

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