x JBL: a quality branded newsroom customer Harman has 10 different local teams using their newsrooms. JBL's new branded newsroom has helped them streamline their approach and keep the brand consistent.

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Harman, the umbrella company of JBL, uses newsrooms for 10 local teams. Harman approached to help them build a branded newsroom for one of their best loved brands- JBL.

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The result was a strong media center for JBL to help their European communications teams spread their story. The media centre's clean design was entirely in line with JBL’s branding, keeping the brand consistent and professional.

It's important that we are findable for journalists, so the chance that they will write about us is higher. We want journalists to find us easily in the first place: once they are here then they can quickly find and download any assets and relevant information. We want to portray a particular brand quality and it's important that our newsroom reflects that brand's look and feel. Marije Bakker, Senior Manager PR & Brand Communications EMEA at Harman International

There was a particular focus on product given the nature of the brand, which is why a fully comprehensive media kit was built with easily-to-download images and specifications of their many beloved products.

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  • png are proud with the result, which is thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Marije Bakker and her teams.

You can read more about how Harman's use of branded newsrooms increased their local media exposure here.

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