’s CEO, Stefan Fountain, speaks on the origins of Public Relations at OnBrand '19

Stefan Fountain, CEO, took to the stage at OnBrand '19 conference and in his talk revisited the original definition of PR to show how crucial it is in the modern-day. And he did it with avocados.

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PR is described as ‘a program of action to earn the public's understanding and acceptance’. Stefan's talk gave examples of programs of action that were effective, while explaining what it truly means to get the public's understanding and acceptance. "Brands will thrive once their contribution to culture is understood" was left, as a parting thought.

This year's OnBrand—Europe's leading branding conference—saw CEO Stefan Fountain take to the stage with his talk 'PR is like an avocado'. His talk delved into why PR remains both the most underrated and overrated profession.

Unfold-'s own magazine made for people who work in PR- was used as an example of thought leadership in action during the talk.

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Carmen Guillen, Editor-in-Chief of Unfold, conducted interviews with 11 speakers at the conference covering topics such as purpose, brand activism and personal branding. Names of interviewees included Alain Sylvain of Sylvain Labs, Mikael Jørgensen CEO of &Co., and Neil Barrie from TwentiethCenturyBrand.

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TopBrands Gameshow

On the other side of SugarCity, entertained OnBrand attendees with their Top Brands Gameshow. With quick-fire questions on a TV-esque gameshow set, the competitors were surprised by both what they knew - and what they didn't.

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The rules of the game were simple; answer as many correct questions as possible in 40 seconds. As with other conferences that have hosted the game, the most humble players tended to score the highest.

Quotes from OnBrand '19
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