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Logeion and pr.co welcome city councils to tech hub

AMSTERDAM - Last week, at the ‘Enter-the-firm’ event organised by Logeion with pr.co, TQ housed a more unusual audience to the familiar start up crowd that normally fills this lively tech hub. A congregation of city councils and businesses made the journey from nearby towns and cities to find out how changing technology has the potential to make their working lives easier.

Speaking at the event were Mieke De Buysere and Kim de Raedt, the External Communications team for the City of Ghent, who walked their fellow communication professionals through the challenges they faced before using pr.co, as well as treating them to some Cuberdons, a local Belgian delicacy. They explained how government agencies, who by nature need to be especially transparent, expressly benefit from streamlining their workflow. The tool made this particular team so efficient that they went from a department of 5 people to 2.

Also speaking was Søren Lund Nielsen, PR & Communications Coordinator at WeTransfer. Søren highlighted WeTransfer as an impressive case study for a company that has thought in great depth about its target audience, in this case the creative community, and harnessed this information to better communicate with them. He explained how pr.co’s personalised newsroom has helped them showcase some of the amazing projects they have masterminded while enabling better communication across the team.

To wrap up the event, Stefan Fountain, CEO of pr.co, gave a brief history of advances in technology, explaining where modern communicators fit into this trajectory. He detailed how, on the back of this technology, municipalities and businesses can speak to- and gain the trust of- an audience that is much more integrated into the ecology of an organisation than ever before.

Many thanks to Logeion for partnering with pr.co on the event, hopefully this will be one of many events to come that empower local municipalities and businesses to tell their stories more efficiently.


You can find the presentations here:

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