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Humble people score higher on brand knowledge test

Last week Amsterdam based tech company pr.co created an eighties style game show to test how "on brand" the attendees of OnBrand17 were. A surprising result from their test is that while attendees scored higher than average, the quiet and humble participants outscored the confident participants.

While pr.co's CEO hosted the Lunar Creativity stage in the conference while the rest of the team took over an exhibitors spot for the "Top Brands Gameshow". pr.co wanted to do something special for the OnBrand '17 conference, and so decided to design and create a gameshow called "Top Brands Gameshow" where attendees went head-to-head and showed off their knowledge of brands.

The rules of the game were simple; answer as many correct questions as possible in 40 seconds! The game had 150 questions from brands attending the conference such as Samsung, Aegon, Airbus and also smaller lesser known brands.

That is not all though as we are pr.co we had to make sure to bring out the competitive spirit of the crowd with a massive red countdown timer to make you sweat, a giant leaderboard to show off your score and 80s style props to make you feel like you're live on TV!

People that thought they would do well, didn't. Those that thought they wouldn't do well actually did do very well.

Nick Dowse, Game engineer at pr.co

As Nick Dowse, lead engineer of the TopBrands game explains: 'The main thing we saw was that people that generally thought they would do well, didn't. And vice versa - those that thought they wouldn't todo well actually did very well. From that we distilled that confidence actually has a negative correlation to a good score, whereas the calm quiet types were much better at reading the questions and getting the answers correct.'

There were regular queues of people waiting to have a re-match. As overheard from one participant "I kept coming back to improve my scores because someone else had beaten my high score again. I get way too competitive with games like this."

"This game was too addictive, I get way too competitive with games like this."

Judith, high score of 16!

Some players amazed us with their high scores and we also had some unlucky players with -12 point! Towards the end of the day the showdown of the mighty Doruk from Bynder and Judith from African Clean Energy took place. They knocked each other from the leaderboard multiple times but in the end Doruk took the championship mug with an astonishing 17 points.

Final high score list

In total 242 people participated with the average score of 7. Find your own score in the below list.

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While the gameshow was in full swing in the exhibitors area, our CEO Stefan Fountain was hosting the Lunar Creativity stage at the conference, where speakers talked about everything from creating thoughtful ads to launching a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Most surprising mistake

While it was nice to see participants get answers right, or to struggle with the tricky questions. There were also a few questions that were generally surprising, most interestingly the following question:

Which of these brands builds planes?

To which the options are either KLM or Airbus. You'd be surprised how many people acted on reflex and got that wrong.

Two Lessons learned from watching 242 people play the game:

  • Read carefully and don't get the questions wrong. Wrong answers are deducted from your score so it's costly.
  • Stay calm, don't panic or let yourself get rushed by the clock.

All in all we had a great time at OnBrand conference and looking forward to taking part next year, not forgetting the neon themed after party!

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