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PressDoc introduces Premium PressRooms

Fully integrate your press releases with your website

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Ever since launching the first version in 2010 people asked us about ways to match their PressDocs and PressRooms with their company's brand. Today we're announcing Premium PressRooms with three options to fully customize your PressRoom: custom branding, custom domain names and custom analytics.


Design the look and feel of your PressRoom and PressDocs to match your company's brand.

Each PressDoc can have their own header image to make it visually pleasing and stand out.

PressRooms can now be hosted on a company's own domainname (e.g. http://press.example.com/)

Users can embed their Google Analytics code to incorporate their PressRoom statistics into their existing workflow.




We are very proud of the launch of the Premium press rooms. This gives our customers an even better opportunity to integrate the PressRoom into the existing website.

Stefan Borsje, Founder & Developer PressDoc

We've made the customization options powerful enough to completely control the look & feel yet still managed to keep them as easy-to-use as the rest of the service. We're looking forward seeing in what creative ways our customers use these new features.

Marc Köhlbrugge, Founder & Designer PressDoc



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