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Monthly newsletter - March 2016

Hi there! We're letting you in on our bi-monthly source of inspiration, as well as some team news, announcements and product updates.  

Company updates

  • A new chapter for your perusal! A gray mass of endless words, lost online and slipping past the people we want to reach. Welcome to the dark patterns of aimless PR, the second chapter of our PR book.  Don't be alarmed, we're only showing you the dark side so we can lead you to a better place! Learn to keep an eye out for these land mines: from spamming, to harmful click farms, to non-targeted communication. Click through to read more.
Sure, Facebook likes are an easy measurement of success to report to your boss, but a large sudden increase of likes could actually hurt your efforts rather than help your visibility.  "The Dark Patterns of Aimless PR"
  • We have a new member on board! He's amazingly smart, his name is remindful of parma ham, and he's working on a top-secret project. Can't tell you what it is yet, but it will be epic.

Product Updates

We’ve been updating a whole lot of things based on the feedback we got from our users after the Campaigns launch. Apart from a few bugs, they also suggested a lot of good updates which we have implemented:

  • It's now easier to send emails to different groups of contacts, even after your campaign is published.
  • Bounced email? You can now restore the contact manually!
  • Pasting text was a little buggy and we apologise for the inconvenience. We’ve fixed the known bugs, and it should work nicely now - but please let us know if you run into anything strange!

Send your next campaign to see the difference.

Found more bugs? Please tell us! It really helps to hear your feedback and we generally fix them within a few days!

What we’ve been reading

  • Samuel Hulick: Slack, I'm breaking up with you. It promised to save you from your exploding inbox, but is Slack guilty of doing what it promised to save you from? It's always on, distracting you from both work and life.
  • Mike Vardy: How to Beat Task Paralysis. When too many things are happening, you're bound to hit a roadblock. Here are 3 simple ways to get out of the jungle of workload.
  • Seth Godin: Worth thinking about. That's one of the most important lists you can have. The list of things worth thinking about. We live in the age of information surplus, when there are answers for everything. But not nearly enough time to even be aware of them.

And to close it off...

Old Benjie would've been great at PR. When you do things with greatness in mind, you make the most of your life and others' time.

(Image courtesy of Gecko&Fly)

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